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Ministerial Credentials


As an Ordained Minister with Sacred Foundations you are licensed to do spiritual counseling, laying on of hands healing, give spiritual messages, teach, and hold meetings.  You are also licensed to solemnize marriages, officiate funerals, perform baptisms, and other forms of ceremony or ritual. 


  • Laying on of Hands means you may touch the individual but not move your hands on the individual.  In the State of California, you must pick up your hands and place them on another spot on the individual only. To move or kneed your hands on the body you must be a licensed massage therapist, physical therapist or medical professional. 

  • You may counsel spiritually, not medically.  Diagnosing or prescribing in the State of California and most U.S. states it is illegal and considered practicing medicine without a medical license.

  • You must always honor client confidentiality.  However, as a mandated reporter, you must report abuse or suspected abuse of a child, spouse or elder to the local authorities. 

  • Wedding ceremonies must have the following statement “By the power vested in me, by Sacred Foundations and the state of (your state), I now pronounce you (husband and wife/partners for life, etc.)”.

  • Wedding certificate instructions must be followed carefully. 
















Ministerial Credentialing Requirements

  • Reference letters

2 letters from people known for a minimum of 3 years (1 personal and 1 business or 2 personal)

Letter must list the name, address, and contact phone number of the person writing the reference letter

Letters must be mailed or Emailed to Sacred Foundations by the author of the letter

  • Self-appraisal of student’s spiritual gifts

  • Resume

Student’s formal academic education

Religious training

Other significant training, studies, workshops, etc.

Employment and work experience

  • Transcripts and/or certificates

  • Criminal Background Check


 Required Courses for Ministerial Credentials

The courses listed below are required for certification. However, prior education and training will be evaluated by the education committee to verify if any or all requirements have been previously met.


  • Legalities - Laws, Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Ethics, Confidentiality, Mandated Reporting and Administrative/Record Keeping

  • Religion/Spiritual Training - One or more of the following: Comparative Religion, Buddhism, Christianity, Divine Feminine, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American, Pagan, Shamanism, Wiccan, etc.

  • Ceremony/Ritual – Wedding, Memorial, Baptism, Rites of Passage, etc.

  • Gifts - Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development

  • Service - Public Speaking, Teaching skills, Church Services, etc.

  • Spiritual Counseling, Prayer and Meditation

  • ​​​​​​Mandated Reporter Training – You may take your states online mandated reporter training course if they offer one. Otherwise, you are required to take the two California training courses listed below. 

California Mandated Reporter Training Course – Free online course 

California Mandated Reporter for Clergy Training – Free online course 

Oregon Mandated Reporter Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training - $10 online course



Annual Ministerial Credentialing requirements

  • Ministerial Credential Renewal Form

  • Annual Ministerial Credentialing Fee

  • Continuing Education – so our ministers continue to learn, grow and obtain new spiritual tools for working with others.   

Continuing Education can be taken through Sacred Foundations, another legitimate training program in an applicable field of study, or personal study with essay, and may including personal growth and healing. Personal study and outside courses must be preapproved by the education committee.


A course that furthers your training or personal spiritual growth then supply a course certificate or letter from the instructor.

A course that helps you build your business as a minister, marketing, social media, grant writing, etc.  

Read a book or research a subject relevant to your ministry or self-help and development then turn in an essay about what you learned. These may include a new healing modality, different types of meditation or prayer practices, spiritual counseling techniques, etc.   

Therapy or spiritual counseling and supplying a note from them stating your time spent in session.




Registration fee - $50 (one time only/nonrefundable)

Ministerial Certification fee - $250

Course fees - Course fees vary depending on the courses needed to obtain credentials and whether the student chooses to take the remote study courses, those taught by an instructor, or a combination of the two   

Background Check Fee - $25 Plus Court Fees when applicable (every 5 years after initial background check)

Annual Ministerial Credentialing Fee - $50



        Please contact our office for more information. Phone/Fax 877-877-4275  Email


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