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About us

Founded by Reverend Felecia Mulvany, D.D., on February 10, 2014, Sacred Foundations, Inc. was started by a small group of Reverends who envisioned a more spiritually diverse and open community than their current credentialing body offered.  They wanted an organization that was truly open to all spiritual beliefs and would allow its ministers to hold credentials with multiple organizations.  A place that is supportive of other organizations, teachers, healers, etc., and would build partnerships. They believe that a balanced spiritual community is created by inclusion, education, healing, understanding, acceptance, support and personal responsibility.     


Sacred Foundations believes that each person must find his or her personal path to the Divine.  As a part of this, we provide, partner with, and encourage programs and education that allow each person the discovery of the path meant for them.   


Sacred Foundations affirms the Divine in all its manifestations on earth.  We honor all paths and embrace the wisdom of all the sacred text across the globe. We believe that Divine Source manifests at different times, and in different ways, depending on the time and culture. All these manifestations hold a core of Divine Wisdom. We look for that core within each Sacred Text. It is only through dialog, education, and community sharing that humanity will find a way to peacefully live together in tolerance and diversity.


As a spiritual center, we gather for prayer and meditation, healing services, ceremony and rites of passage.  We investigate and share spiritual practices and rituals from around the globe.  Our goal is to create a safe place for individuals and community to learn, grow, heal, share, and support each other in a diverse, inclusive, respectful and loving environment; a sanctuary for all spiritual beliefs.


Sacred Foundations, Inc. is a state and federally registered 501c3 nonprofit church. 


“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.” Henry David Thoreau 

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